I Wish It Were Fiction

Holocaust Memories 1939 - 1945

My Former Home Town Opatow

My former home town Opatow

I dream of my home town.

I long for you and think

You were once my horns

Full of beauty and charm.

Thousands of threads have

Linked me forever with you.

A nostalgia for my childhood

Is burning in my heart.

You have implanted in me

The ways of life

I consider it a privilege

That in the Jewish town of Apt

Which was a fortress of learning

I matured in my youth.

Nothing is Left of my home town

Yet I long for some news of it.

When nostalgia embraces me,

I often want to cry

I treasure the memory of you

The book is written about you.

It is a memoir of my former home

That is depicted in the book.

I am proud of you, my home town

Where I grew up and matured

My love for you remained

Engraved deep in my heart.

"A nostalgia for my childhood is burning in my heart"

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